the artist formerly known as Julie Braucksick


Lithographs - fine art reproductions using the lithographic process of printing from a flat surface treated to repel ink except where it is required for printing.

Gicleé - fine art digital prints made on ink-jet printers using fade-resistant, archival inks and substrates. Available textures and finishes include matt photo paper, watercolor paper, cotton canvas, or artist textured vinyl.

Mini Prints - small lithographed reproductions of original artwork.

T-shirts - pen and ink, floral color drawings and pencil sketches are available.

About My Work

All of my art does not deal with cats, but my cat works are the pieces that sell best and thus enable my work to continue.

My first cat drawing was a design for a thank you card for the shelter that had given so much to my cat family. Like all of my drawings, it is based on a cat that I rescued. Since then, I have created many drawings and the subsequent prints have been very popular.

The painted rocks began when a close friend handed me a rock one afternoon and asked me to paint a cat on it. As we shared a bottle of wine over the course of the afternoon, the smooth stone became a black and white tabby cat.

The collages began when another friend handed me a bag of adhesive vinyl scraps. It’s all about playing. What can I coax out of this material? How can I make this into something extraordinary?

My rescue work is often heartbreaking on many levels; it can be very stressful. When I finally sit down to create, I don’t want to create something that will bring me down more, I want to find levity or a sense of peace, wonder, and beauty. I hope to convey this to the viewer.

Life is not simple, so my art reflects this complexity. Both are filled with subtlety, nuance, and layers of intricacy. I want people to look at my work and see something which may at once be familiar and perhaps comical, but which will continue to reveal its depth on repeated viewings. I also want the “madness” of my method to be memorable. This is the continuum that runs through all of my work regardless of subject or medium.

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